Through their social channels, the Xbox Canada team makes us participate in a singular initiative that sees as its protagonist, yes, a “gaming themed” ice sculpture that immortalizes an Xbox Series X and a controller.

The artwork, 91 centimeters high and weighing 90.7 kilograms , recreates Microsoft’s next gen console positioned vertically and its pad to pay homage to the Canadian lifestyle and offer an “alternative vision” that includes, of course, the passion for video games .

In the message accompanying this nice promotional initiative, the Xbox Canada representatives joke with their fans explaining how “some people like to build ice rinks in their backyard, but we prefer to build giant ice consoles!” .

The ice sculpture dedicated to the Xbox Series X, however, is only the latest of the gimmicks with which the gaming division of Microsoft is involving fans. In recent days, for example, the American technological giant has launched a media campaign dedicated to Xbox beyond generations to raise public awareness on the importance of video games as a tool to combat the loneliness of the elderly , especially in this difficult period of social distancing. for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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