Wild Rift: more than an esport, an opportunity for League of Legends

League of Legends: Wild Rift has been the main protagonist of this December in video games for mobile devices thanks to the launch of its open beta in Europe, thus giving players the possibility to finally enjoy the MOBA in their mobiles.

The mobile games have for years been considering as the future of e – sports . The argument is solid: the potential audience is much higher than the PC or consoles and they are games as competitive as the others. But the reality, for the moment, is that it is not being this way. At least not in the West.

There will be many clubs that are encouraged to launch Wild Rift equipment in the coming months , because it is a game with which League of Legends fans can easily connect and it also has the support of Riot Games, but I doubt that it will end up becoming an electronic sport proper.

And it is that mobile esports have not finished starting . In some cases it is possible to speak of bad decisions by the publisher – the clearest example is Clash Royale – but it is something quite transversal in Europe, so perhaps there are other factors such as the volatility of the player base of these titles.

Be that as it may, I’m not saying that Wild Rift isn’t interesting for esports . And, regardless of whether it works by itself or not, it is a wonderful gateway to League of Legends , giving the opportunity to meet many of the champions and the foundations of the game, although there are significant differences.

Nobody doubts that League of Legends is the true esport king. Its World Cup is the most watched competition year after year and is the great benchmark in the sector. But that does not mean that it cannot grow more and reach new audiences , although it has certain obstacles to it such as the entry barrier for viewers.

More than 150 champions, a ‘goal’ and a specific way of playing… Someone who has never played will not understand what is happening on their screen and it is really difficult to explain it to them. It is not something exclusive to LoL, it happens with all MOBAs, but now they do have the opportunity to reach an audience that might not play the PC version.


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