Why does Riot Games hate frogs in League of Legends?

If you’ve gotten this far after reading the headline, don’t worry or panic: the humorous tone of the article prevails from these first lines, so get comfortable and pay attention to the anecdote of the day.

A Reddit user named Axirez has posted a thread called “Small reminder that Riot hates Frogs,” meaning a reminder that Riot Games hates frogs. The funny thing is that it accompanies the thread with a rather curious video.

Small reminder that Riot hates Frogs from r / leagueoflegends

In the video, we see different champions who, based on their return to base animations, make different interactions with frogs. Of course, all of them end quite badly.

Desde Blitzcrank, pasando por Kai’Sa hasta Rek’Sai; todos ellos acaban con una rana en su animación de volver a base, y aunque parezca una chorrada, es lo muy curioso. De hecho, el vídeo acaba con un tono irónico de un nerf al Gromp, el sapo de la Grieta del Invocador.

Además, esta rana también se suicida en la Grieta del Invocador, lanzándose al vacío sin motivo aparente, y también es protagonista en el trailer de Neeko.

¿Odio o aprovechar un modelo creado y explotarlo?

El primer comentario del hilo de Reddit afirma que simplemente crearon el modelo de esta rana y que Riot Games ha decidido explotarlo hasta la saciedad.

Something like Helmet Bro, that legendary character who will never make it to Summoner’s Rift but who continues to make cameos in character introduction videos.

Helmet Bro

Well, something like this is going to happen with the League of Legends frog, which has no name (some call it George) and it does not seem that it will have one either. In fact, although Tahm Kench comes to mind when it comes to thinking of a champion frog, this is not it, but rather a fish or a mutated creature from a river.

If you have come this far, yes, it is random news  and one more curiosity in the gigantic world of League of Legends. But why didn’t you know that this frog was so famous? Although its fate is dark, it is popular, right?


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