Who has Nemesis signed with?

And on the eve of Christmas Eve this surprise comes to us. And it is that Nemesis, former Fnatic midlaner , has published a gif on his personal Twitter account in which he announces that he has signed something . We do not know if it is with a team, with an organization, or if it is simply a bait.

Curious to say the least, since the same player who announced that he was not going to play the spring split in 2021 . Neither in the LEC nor in any other region, despite the fact that his departure to NA was rumored with his partner Crownshot .

Precisely, it is with Crownshot that he is going to make a trip , but to South Korea. Being both without a team, they have decided to spend the split practicing in Korean soloq , considered by many to be the most competent in the world. Away from the big lights, Nemesis and his compatriot seem ready to fight to win a new opportunity for the summer split .

That’s why this ‘ad’ catches us all offside. Of course, his fame as a streamer has grown exponentially since his time at Fnatic. Their numbers have won integers, and everything indicates that this is how Nemesis will continue to be once he settles in the Asian country to streamer his journey through his soloq.

Will you have signed with a brand as a streamer of it? It would not seem far-fetched. Although Reddit users have already started with their cabals , and one piece of information is curious. Among the few follows that Nemesis has, are his former companions . Apart from them, it doesn’t follow too many players or esports characters. But one thing does stand out: separately, and it does not just happen, but it seems that the one who is also following in full is the Vitality roster .

Coincidence? Only time will tell.


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