When it starts? Timetable, content, news and Battle Pass

When does Season 5 of Fortnite Chapter 2 : the ‘ time of the new update out seems to be imminent, and the fifth season of Battle Royale by Epic Games is ready to make his debut with a new Pass Battle themed content rich.

The news on Fortnite Season 5 were based on the upcoming event dedicated to Galactus , the supreme antagonist of the Marvel comics to whom the fourth season has been extensively dedicated: the arrival of this new Fortnite Event has put an end, in a way spectacular as always, at the current run that has been accompanying the players for several months.

But what news can we expect with the arrival of Fortnite Season 5? Here is what we know based on what was discovered by the always punctual dataminers.

Fortnite Season 5: when does it start? What time the new update comes out

Each Fortnite season has an average duration of around 10 weeks (about three months): the only exceptions were the transition from Season 2 to 3, with the second lasting 17 weeks while season 3 had the average duration indicated.

The Battle Pass of Season 4 ended, as indicated on the Epic Games website, on 1 December with a final event scheduled for the same day: at the end of the latter, at 22:00, we had the opportunity to see all the official news brought from Season 5.

La stagione 5 di Fortnite esce oggi mercoledì 2 dicembre 2020, dopo il consueto aggiornamento che ha messo offline i server di gioco. Il gioco dovrebbe essere pronto a tornare attivo a partire dalle 10:00.

Fortnite Stagione 5: cosa cambia? Pass Battaglia, novità e contenuti

Il tema della stagione 5, così come i dettagli precisi del Battle Pass, restano un mistero. Sappiamo ormai che l’evento Nexus War vedrà protagonista il divoratore di mondi Galactus, pronto a dare battaglia e a rivoluzionare la mappa di gioco.

L’evento si preannuncia come qualcosa di grandioso ma non sappiamo come e quali cambiamenti porterà: si continuerà ancora con i personaggi Marvel o si andrà totalmente verso altri lidi (e franchise)? Da tempo si vocifera l’arrivo di contenuti speciali a tema Star Wars, in particolare i dataminer avrebbero scovato una skin a tema The Mandalorian (ispirata alla figura del protagonista).

Tra le novità in arrivo con la Stagione 5 abbiamo l’abbonamento mensile Fortnite Crew (al costo di 11,99 euro al mese si potrà aver diritto a una serie di contenuti speciali tra cui l’accesso garantito al Pass Battaglia).

The Battle Pass will be available as always also through the usual virtual currency, equal to 950 V-Bucks (if you do not have them you can buy them with the 1,000 V-Bucks bundle for 10 euros).


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