When do the major leagues of League of Legends start?

The arrival of 2021 means that the start of the major leagues of League of Legends is closer, but each one follows its own calendar and therefore we wanted to make a compilation with the start dates of each of them.

In Europe, the great continental competition is the LEC , which faces the best teams from the Old Continent. The 2021 spring split will start on January 22 with Astralis as the great novelty, having decided to leave behind the Origin brand to bet on the one that is world-renowned thanks to its Counter-Strike team.

Before that, on January 9, the Chinese LPL will start with its spring season. It will be a key year for them, as they will try to get the best prepared to Worlds to regain the title with the hope that, this time, they will be able to enjoy accompanied by the fans of their region.

The South Korean LCK will not take much longer to start, as it will kick off on January 13 . It will be the first split with the franchisee system and that means that there will be some new face. Continuing with Asia, the Vietnamese VCS will start on January 8, the Japanese LJL on 23 and the PCS, the Pacific and Southeast Asian league, on February 5.

The LCS is the one that will have the rarest schedule this year and will start on January 15 with the Lock-In , a new tournament of only two weeks that will serve to inaugurate the season. On February 5, the spring split itself will begin and this year they have decided to replace the playoffs with the Mid-Season Showdown, already in March.

As for the Wildcard regions , leaving aside the Asian regions that we mentioned before, we find that some still do not have a defined date . This is the case of the two other American leagues, the Spanish American LLA and the Brazilian CBLoL, and also the Russian LCL.

The one that does have a defined date is the Turkish TLC, which will start with its winter season on January 23 , just after the LEC. Some of the European regional leagues have also published their start dates, but the Orange Super League has yet to officially announce it.


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