What kind of game is League of Legends and why is it so popular?

The famous game developed by Riot Games has conquered an increasingly large audience over time, especially after the launch of its mobile version, League of Legends Wild Rift . But what kind of game is it, exactly? If you are also among the curious who have not yet tried it, read on to get a better idea.

League of Legends is part of that category of online multiplayer games called ” MOBA “, or ” Multiplayer Online Battle Arena”, a sub-genre of real-time strategy video games. In this type of game, two teams face each other within a closed map , divided into specific zones and at the opposite vertices of which are the bases of the teams themselves, or “HQ” (Headquarters). To win, one of the two teams must conquer or destroy the baseenemy; in some cases, as in LoL (League of Legends abbreviated), in the two areas there are also towers or outposts to overcome before reaching the actual base. When the game begins it is possible to create (“spawn”) AI controlled units that will go towards the enemy base, following precise paths called “lanes” or “lanes” in English.

In League of Legends the two teams are made up of 5 characters called Champions; you can choose from a list of 140 Champions to play an online match, each with different abilities and characteristics. It is essential for Champions to gain experience and accumulate gold during a match, so they can purchase more powerful items and unlock better skills to overwhelm their opponents. The peculiarity of League of Legends lies in the fact that the composition of the team is incredibly varied and the combinations of characters practically infinite, as there are 140 Samples to choose from. Each character has their own style of play, suitable for playing a particular role; also in this League it turns out to be very original, because the map invites players to respect this role in order to better benefit their team. Some Champions act alone, trying to assassinate the enemy ones, others focus on exploring the area between the lanes, called the Jungle (for this in fact they are known as Jungler ) to find loot or get rid of the ” minions “, the creatures controlled by ‘ia.

In short, there really is something for everyone and each game will be different from the previous one. If you want to try it too, don’t hesitate to download the game on PC or in its mobile version, Wild Rift; You might also want to check out this essential guide for new players to League of Legends Wild Rift


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