Vodafone Giants presents their 2021 roster: Th3Antonio and Attila follow

One of the teams that has the most fans and that is forced to fight for everything in the League of Legends Super League Orange is Vodafone Giants, the team with the most titles in the competition.

After a tough year where they have not won the summer championship or the European Masters, the people of Malaga were aiming for a facelift and a roster renewal to fight for everything again in 2021. And so it has been.

The giants will keep their 2 great figures: Th3Antonio and Attila, emblematic players of the team who occupy the position of  toplane and ADC respectively. Along with them, there will be 3 new faces:

  • Eckas, in the jungle
  • Ronaldo en la  the funds
  • Kamilius,  como  support

Además, Jandro será el principal entrenador del equipo procedente de Misfits, manteniendo también a Fearless en el cuerpo técnico para completar una plantilla que luchará por todo el año que viene.

In this way, Lamabear, Pretty and Erdote leave the giants’ squad, a team that aspired to everything in 2020 and that, after several setbacks, have said goodbye . According to Attila himself in Esportmaníacos, he thinks it is an improvement over the previous year.

In fact, together with  G2 Arctic, Team Queso and Movistar Riders , they are the favorites to win the SLO . There are still many templates to be confirmed, and we will be attentive to inform about it.


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