Via Fortnite from iOS: Epic Games also denounces Apple in Australia

The legal dispute is about in-app purchases.

Epic Games’ battle against Apple has reached a new continent: Australia. The Fortnite producer has in fact accused the Cupertino company of abusing its power when it took the game off the iPhone and iPad. Apple banned Fortnite from iOS when Epic Games introduced a payment method in August that circumvented App Store rules, which charge a 30% fee to Apple for each in-app payment.

DAMAGE – “Apple’s conduct forced Epic and other app developers to pay Apple monopoly prices (the 30% commission) related to all in-app purchases on iOS devices,” reads the court documents Australian. This, Epic believes, has led to “damage” to consumers, including “a rise in prices for in-app content on iOS devices” and a “loss of profits” for the company.

RATES – According to Epic, with the introduction of a direct payment method “Fortnite users on iOS have for the first time had a valid alternative to the payment system for Apple’s in-app purchases”. This is because Epic has proposed lower rates, not having to pay Apple, through that payment system, any commission. The fact remains, however, that this function is incompatible with the App Store rules accepted by Epic, hence Apple’s decision to delete Fortnite from iOS.

GOOGLE – The Australian lawsuit is symmetrical to the one already active in the United States, where Epic denounced Apple for the same reasons as early as August. Although the battle against Apple has had a greater media echo, Epic has also denounced Google for the same reason: it also asks for a commission of 30% on in-app purchases on the Android Play Store.


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