update 15.20 is coming, here are some of the news

Although the arrival of the update to version 15.20 of Fortnite Chapter 2 has not yet been formalized , Epic Games has unveiled some of the news coming with the new patch on the official Trello of the battle royale.

The portal, on which the developers usually report the problems of the game to be solved and those in the process of being solved, it is possible to notice that some more or less annoying bugs have now been marked in yellow: this means that the problems in question will be solved with the new free to play update. The first of these bugs concerns Michonne , the protagonist of the set dedicated to The Walking Dead whose version with the hood gave rise to a series of graphic problems with the use of specific decorative backs. Among the other problems we find one related to Gold Bars , since some players find themselves in the game with the counter of this currency reset to zero, and one that causes the display of sizes andtasks now completed by players brought back to life via a reboot van. The Hypernova skin has also finally been fixed after quite some time and may therefore return to the store about a year after its last appearance. Among the upcoming fixes there is also one that solves a recent Save the World problem , a cooperative mode whose daily challenges highlighted will allow you to track progress in real time and no longer in fits and starts.

Waiting to find out when the new update will be published, we remind you that many players of the Epic Games title are experiencing serious problems with the Fortnite Crew subscription , which this month will give the Green Arrow skin as a gift to all subscribers.


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