Twitch | The 10 most watched games during 2020 LoL, Fortnite and GTA V!

During this 2020 Twitch became the streaming  platform  par excellence, the page was optimized and despite the problems that existed with the DMCA due to copyrighted music most of the  streamers  chose Twitch, and so did the big music companies. video game.

Logically, the games are the highlight of the platform and that is why SullyGnome kept a record of views. After the classic “Just Chatting” , the ten most watched games on Twitch were as follows:


1 – League of Legends >>> 1,546,608,101 horas
2 – Fortnite >>> 1,059,812,790 horas
3 – Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) >>> 819,932,171 horas
4 – VALORANT >>> 808,191,492 horas
5 – Call of Duty: Warzone >>> 800,440,731 horas
6 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) >>> 711,707,479 horas
7 – Minecraft >>> 501,592,799 horas
8 – Dota2 >>> 495,008,970 horas
9 – World of Warcraft (WoW) >>> 445,419,872 horas
10 – Among Us >>> 413,780,561 horas

Si preguntan por juegos como FIFA 20 o Fall Guys, estos no están ni cerca en la lista, con Escape from Tarkov, Apex Legends, Hearthstone y Dead By Deadlight incluso por delante de ellos.

En definitiva, League of Legends tomó por mucho el primer lugar, siendo la época de Worlds 2020 la más destacada con los streams en diferentes idiomas y un mes de competencia casi ininterrumpida con los mejores equipos y jugadores del mundo.

Fortnite did a great job despite not having the Fortnite World Cup this year, and GTA V took advantage of the explosion of Roleplay to overcome a VALORANT that was highly anticipated and with the Beta drops  managed to add enough even before the official launch of the game. .

We will see how the numbers play out during 2021, although we hope that several of these titles will remain among the most viewed as they are extremely popular and their developers are doing a great job to keep it that way.


Zayn is a very loveable person in personnel realised to write on video gaming back 1 year earlier. He is a player and had excellent skills, which leads him to transform his passion into a career. He has an excellent expertise of gaming, that's why he is right here to share his understanding of gaming with our readers. When he is not composing he is active in video gaming.

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