TSM announces the signing of Huni

There are movements in the League of Legends transfer market that can surprise many, especially in terms of names. In fact, if you hear that TSM has signed Huni, many fans will rub their hands.

However, it is an addition that leaves many doubts in the 2020 summer North American champion. The South Korean player, awarded in recent years for the successes in SK Telecom T1 or Fnatic, overwhelms him, but not his last seasons.

The 22-year-old has a long competitive career: he started playing for Samsung Galaxy to make it to the big Fnatic in 2015. Then he returned to South Korea to play for 1 year at SK Telecom T1 , and then he was permanently moved to NA.

There, he has competed for Clutch Gaming , which later became Dignitas, and Evil Geniuses , 2 sets in which he has not given the level and remained as one  more toplaner  . Now, you have a chance to be resurrected at TSM.

TSM roster for 2021

  • Funnel –  aggregates
  • Spica – jungle
  • PowerOfEvil – medium
  • Lost (rumor) – ADC
  • SwordArt – Support

The TMS lineup for 2021 is very ambitious, especially following the addition of PoE, a former FlyQuest midlaner, and SwordArt, a world finalist with Suning. In theory, TSM’s academy ADC, Lost, will join the  roster , which Huni has completed.

It will certainly be a mystery to see what the 2021 TSM will look like in terms of performance, although, by names, it is not a bad team. Of course, they will have to compete against Team Liquid and Cloud9, 2  rosters that, a priori, are much better.


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