Top Esports wins the 2020 Demacia Cup

Top Esports won the 2020 Demacia Cup after beating Team WE 3-0. The League of Legends Pro League (LPL) champion debuted directly in the quarterfinals of the tournament and has only lost one map throughout his entire participation.

The way to the end

Team WE struggled to reach the Demacia Cup final. Despite a 3-0 victory over LGD Gaming after reaching the group stage, the semi-finals against JD Gaming were very tough. Finally the Chinese team beat the LPL Spring Split champion by 2-3.

By contrast, Top Esports did not bow at any point in the knockout phase. They first beat a FunPlus Phoenix without Jang Ha-gwon “Nuguri” 3-0 and then beat Vici Gaming, one of the sweet surprises of the tournament, 3-1.

Top Esports gets its first cup

Top Esports has achieved the first Demacia Cup in its history by being superior to Team WE. Despite the fact that in the first map of the final the champions were chosen blindly, TES was not caught off guard by the surprise factor and was able to win thanks to a great Zhuo Ding ” knight ” with Zoe.

The domination of knight – who came to play Vayne in the middle – prevailed alongside that of Hung Hao-Hsuan ” Karsa “, who at all times surpassed Cui Xiao-Jun “Shanks” and Jiang Zhi-Peng “Beishang”. Even though the kill markers were very smashed, Top Esports was superior within Summoner’s Rift. Team WE delegated Zhao Jia-Hao ” Jiumeng ” and Lou Yun-Feng ” Missing “, but despite the fact that Yu Wen-Bo ” JackeyLove ” did not have his most showy series, Wang Xu-Zhuo ” Zhuo “, the new signing of TES, was much more successful.


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