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We say goodbye to 2020 with patch 10.25b on the boil , and we are going to analyze which are the best champions of this latest update . Actually, there are not many changes compared to 10.25 , as it is a micro-patch.


We still have the usual suspects we already know from this preseason: real killing machines like Kayle or Wukong , and tanks that delete in the same way as Malphite.

However, in this 10.25b patch we mention a champion to stand out: Darius. His incredible synergy with ‘Cortasendas’, one of the most outstanding mythical objects, makes him one of the best in this position .


This preseason we have had everything in the jungle , where we started with the jungles who ‘solokillea’ Nashor , like Amumu or Rammus. Hecarim also ends the season as he does nothing, until the bars.

However, there are two outstanding picks at this position: Kha’Zix and Graves . Possibly the two that have benefited the best from the item changes.


The new mythical items have brought champions we never imagined to the fore in these positions: Malzahar, Viktor, Fizz , etc.

Objetos como el ‘Cosechador nocturno‘ o ‘Desconsuelo de Liandry‘ tienen mucho que ver. Además, el nuevo ‘Abrazo demoníaco‘ ha mostrado una sinergia brutal con varios de estos campeones.


Las mejoras para los tiradores en los últimos parches han funcionado, y en el 10.25b tenemos a varios entre los mejores campeones. Sin embargo, sigue habiendo una constante: los adc que pueden funcionar con Letalidad siguen siendo de lo mejor.

Por lo tanto, personajes como Jhin o Miss Fortune siguen ocupando un tier superior entre los tiradores. Tristana también ha emergido en este parche tras los retoques a los impactos críticos.


As much as it hurts Riot Games, if something works in a certain role it is very difficult to change. And that has happened with Seraphine, one of the best supports of patch 10.25b

The enchanters in general continue to enjoy very good value thanks to the ‘ imperial Mandate ‘ and to the buff ‘ Renewing moonstone ‘. Leona or Thresh are the best options if you are looking to peel or engage.


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