tier list with the best characters, the best team and the best position per lane of League of Legends for mobile

The huge collection of champions in League of Legends Wild Rift is huge, so knowing which character to choose, which team to form, and which lane and position to place yourself in is not easy at all. Luckily here you have a guide with a tier list of Wild Rift characters .

Tier list de personajes de Wild Rift

Here’s the tier list of Wild Rift characters . Remember that the best character is the one that is the most comfortable and fun for you to play, so be patient when trying to get new ones and master all the ones you have.

Tier List Personajes Wild Rift

Tier list of lane and champion position

Here is a tier list with the best Wild Rift champions for each position. The best way to know if your character will perform better as a Baron, Dragon, Jungle, Mid or Support . Here you have it.

Mejor Posicion Carril

The best current Wild Rift team

Based on the current meta and tier lists you have on these lines, the choice for you and your friends should look a bit like this. These are the champions that make up the best Wild Rift team :

  • Baron: Camille
  • Jungla: Master Yi
  • Mid: Ahri
  • Dragon: Jinx
  • Support: Blitzcrank

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