The furious accusations against Molyneux, Murray and CD Projekt made by Thomas Mahler have sparked a real fuss on social networks and on the most popular videogame portals. Perhaps for this reason, the director of Ori decides to retrace his steps and publicly apologize for what has been said and for the tones adopted.

With an open letter addressed to all fans, the high exponent of Moon Studios returns to milder advice and, in offering his apologies to the fathers of Fable and No Man’s Sky , and to the company that gave shape to Cyberpunk 2077 , explains that “yesterday I used an overly aggressive tone that was not at all suitable for someone in my position. My intention was not to hurt anyone but to enter the spotlight and fuel the discussion on the thorniest issues that the gaming industry is facing. facing in this period “ .

The Game Director of the recent Ori and the Will of the Wisps further adds how ” we all share an immeasurable love for this art form and we should always be treating each other with respect. And that’s not an attitude that I held yesterday. really, especially for those I mentioned by name. I promise that I will learn from this mistake and I hope that no one will hold a grudge against me as I will not hold against them .

Mahler himself then decided to intervene again on the pages of ResetEra, the forum from which he originally attacked Peter Molyneux , Sean Murray and CD Projekt because of their marketing campaign and the unfulfilled promises on their titles, to point out that “The Moon Studios guys and I read this thread on the forum and had a long conversation. With those words, I didn’t represent Moon Studios’ thinking . 

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