This player has reached level 532 in Fortnite this season, and has achieved it by opening chests and leaving the game halfway

That everyone enjoys the games as they please is something that is imperative that, in an ideal world, no one should doubt. But that does not mean that actions such as that of the Fortnite user TALOCAN surprise by the curiosity of the milestone.

Of German origin, this player has reached Fortnite level 532 in Season 2 and aims to reach level 600 before Season 3 begins . The challenge in itself is mind-boggling for anyone who knows how slow leveling up can sometimes be in Epic’s game, but it’s not the most surprising.

The video you have below is almost three hours of gameplay in which this user is constantly doing the same thing. He enters a Team Melee match, falls into Raging Stacks, collects all chests and ammo boxes he finds, and leaves the match .

If you find it curious for more than an hour, this other three-hour broadcast that you have later goes even further. The method guarantees you around 5,000 experience points every five minutes , not counting challenges or medals, so jumping from one level to another involves repeating the process for about two hours.

Not many would be willing to make that commitment, least of all when there is no prize at the end of that arduous path – Agent Golden Banana jumps at level 350 – but kudos to him for his undeniable determination.

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