this is K / DA, the new music group that is sweeping the world

K / DA , that’s the name of the group, although initially inspired by K-pop in association with world-class artists such as Soyeon and Miyeon, this virtual band took a radical turn and brought pop music together with K stars. / DA : Ahri, Evelynn, Akali and Kai’sa, all inspired by characters from LoL (League of Legends).

This music makes the combination of diverse voices, the rhythm , and of course, the characters inspired by the League of Legends (the most played game worldwide) and the dances built with organic and powerful movements make this band an addiction for everything. whoever hears it.

The 2018 was the year of his breakthrough , which debuted with their single ‘Pop / Stars’, coming in the first 24 hours to more than 5 million views . In addition, they made a huge presentation at the Incheon soccer stadium in South Korea during the League of Legends World Cup final.

In addition, the group has an official Twitter account where they are telling their latest news, songs … They have almost half a million followers.

This musical genre, K-pop , focuses especially on the strength of sensuality and the power that women have in this genre . Due to this, there are thousands of fans who fall in love with the female K-pop bands, and who later end up becoming their references.


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