The strongest roles of League of Legends preseason 11 –

With a month to go until the end of the preseason , it’s time to go knowing where the shots will go in season 11 . Although there is more than a month left until the start of the season , it is interesting to know what relevance the different roles will have in the game.

Right now, one thing seems clear: mythical items have worked . Specific, some quite broken, but they have managed to endow the different roles with various personalities and varieties . Obviously, not all of them are working in the same way, but it is something that is linked to the roles

¿Qué posiciones están más fuertes esta pretemporada? Desde luego, y sobretodo en top, los tanks gozan de un estado de salud impresionante. Siguen como siempre, pero mejores: tienen mucho daño de base, su primer objeto mítico es un gran powerspike, tienen capacidad incluso de snowballear, y los adc pocas veces llegan a late game.

Otro rol que parece que, una vez más, volverá a ser determinante es la jungla. Una posición en la que se ha conseguido que tanto personajes ofensivos como ciertos tanks convivan y puedan ser viables de cualquier manera. Los míticos de letalidad tienen culpa de ello, pero otros como Vi o Hecarim han irrumpido en este último parche tirando de otros objetos como ‘Fuerza de la Trinidad‘.

The mid lane has also achieved something similar: both control mages and assassins are viable . Especially the latter, since the lethality is really strong this preseason, and there are several mechanics that accompany burst and skirmishes. Magicians with dots, such as Malzahar, who can search for ‘ Liandry’s Torment ‘ can be another point to consider in this section.


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