The new season of League of Legends will begin on January 8

Riot Games has announced the start date of the new season of League of Legends. After practically two months of waiting, the eleventh season will begin next Friday, January 8.

The starting gun of the new season of League of Legends

Riot has confirmed that the new MOBA season will start on January 8. The official start time will be 7:00 am PST ( Pacific Time ), which means that at European level the season 11 will start at 16:00 pm . In this way, the developer will end a preseason that started on November 11 with patch 10.23.

The big main course of the new season is the changes to the store, which introduced the arrival of mythical items, tweaked some existing ones and eliminated others entirely . Thanks to new combinations of champion items such as Kha’Zix or Jhin they have resurfaced or have been reinvented with victory rates above 50 and a good popularity.

However, the preseason has not been without controversy. Faced with the state of solo queue , in which more points were lost than were won, a rioter even recommended that players not play ranked games until the next season . In other words, they won’t play ranked until January 8.

The start of the competitions

Competitions will not rest in 2021 either. While the new season will begin on January 8, the League of Legends Pro League ( LPL ) announced that it would start its Spring Split on Saturday, January 9. The following week, other leagues will debut, such as the League of Legends Championship Korea ( LCK ) and the League of Legends Championship Series ( LCS ). Instead, other leagues like the League of Legends European Championship ( LEC ) will wait until January 22 to start their year.


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