The new season of League of Legends begins on January 8

The new League of Legends season is just around the corner : it will begin next Friday , January 8, and will last for practically all of 2021. Its start will therefore mean the end of a preseason marked by numerous changes.

The last season ended last November and from Riot Games they decided to give the game a major facelift, something quite common every year but this time it has been approached from a different perspective, with hardly any touching – beyond the usual settings. – to the champions.

In this case, the changes focused on the item system , completely remodeling the store and introducing mythical items, limited to only one per champion and game and which are called upon to define the gameplay over the next year due to their powerful effects and passives. .

Over the past two months players have had time to get used to the new items and the developers’ power level adjustments with a much broader base than the PBE, the League of Legends test server. And now the moment of truth has come .

It will be from 4:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) on January 8 . This has been confirmed by the different official Riot Games MOBA accounts, including the Spanish one, which has not hesitated to encourage players to be prepared for one of the most anticipated moments of the year.

The start of the season will mean, as always, that the qualifying ranks will be reset , so the fight will begin again to try to reach the top of these queues and shine among the best players on each server.

It will be through several positioning games in which we can see a provisional rank that will increase rapidly with each victory. However, the normal thing is to be well below what the current MMR indicates, so all players have incentives to start, again, with their escalation.


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