The new LoL champion will be Viego: the Ruined King

Before the end of 2020, rumors about the first thing that will arrive in League of Legends next year could not be missing, and although we have had some very strange months, it was not going to be less this season.

In fact, we have nothing more and nothing less than a  leak about the next League of Legends champion, and although some expected it, it is still a novelty. Yes, the Ruined King is coming to League of Legends.

What you see above is the  gameplay of the new Riot Games title, Ruined King, and although it seems that it has no relationship with the new champion, it does and a lot. In fact,  the villain of the game will be the 154 League of Legends champion .

According to a leak from Discord, the name of the new champion has been confirmed: Viego. In fact, in the image that has been disseminated it says that “it is surely the Ruined King”, in addition to a few  new skins .

Además, junto a Viego, el Rey Arruinado, habrá nuevos aspectos con temática “Ruined”, haciendo alusión al nuevo campeón y a una nueva línea de skins que acompañarían al campeón número 154.

Otra teoría que respalda que será el Rey Arruinado es el anillo que mostró Riot Games en el roadmap de cara a 2021. Si te fijas, es el mismo símbolo que tiene el mango de la espada que sujeta el villano del tráiler de The Ruined King.

r/leagueoflegends - Ruined King almost confirmed to be the new jungler coming early 2021!
r/leagueoflegends - Ruined King almost confirmed to be the new jungler coming early 2021!

Todo esto cobraría más sentido teniendo en cuenta que Riot Games ya ha presentado su nuevo juego, creando todavía más hype alrededor de su RPG. Además, ya existe el objeto de la Espada del Rey Arruinado.


Riot Games confirmed that 2021 would start with a new jungle, and it seems that it will be Viego and it will arrive in version 11.2 on January 21 . There is no official information or skills yet, but we will be attentive to any rumors to update this news.


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