The League of Legends World Championship was the most followed esports event of 2020

Surpassed last year’s Fortnite and Dota 2 results.

Unsurprisingly, two of the four most viewed esports events this year belong to League of Legends. Then, in a year in which people became even more interested in video games, the World Championship was the most followed video game tournament not only of 2020, but of all time. The competition has surpassed the results that had been achieved last year by the Fortnite World Championship and by The International 2019 of Dota 2.

WORLDWIDE– With over 139.8 million hours viewed in total, the League of Legends World Cup, held in October, broke all previous records. In particular, the final match, played by Suning and Damwon Gaming (and won by the latter), was followed by a peak of 3.882 million spectators: it is the second most followed match ever, surpassed only by the semi-final between SK Telecom T1 and G2 Esports of the 2019 World Championship. Although little known in the West, the mobile game Free Fire took the silver medal in the ranking of the most viewed esports events of 2020. The Continental Series peaked at 2.5 million viewers and an average of 828 thousand connected users. In total it has collected more than 6.7 million hours viewed.

KATOWICE – L’Intel Extreme Masters 2020 è stato uno dei primi tornei a essere annullato a causa della pandemia: è stato trasposto online, dove gli utenti hanno comunque dimostrato il loro grande interesse per la competizione, che ruota attorno a Counter-Strike e StarCraft 2. La competizione di Katowice ha raccolto oltre 18 milioni di ore viste, con una media di 280 mila spettatori: il picco è stato di un milione di utenti collegati contemporaneamente. Infine, al quarto posto torna League of Legends: le finali regionali della lega coreana (la LCK) hanno registrato un picco di un milione di spettatori per la sfida tra T1 e Gen.G. Complessivamente le finali della LCK hanno totalizzato 5,6 milioni di ore viste, con una media di 544 mila spettatori.


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