The League of Legends crushed its competition and is crowned as the most popular electronic sport


2019 was a year in which esports grew at an abysmal rate. The competitions became more relevant, the brands decided to invest, the prizes and salaries of the players increased, they began to be named in all areas, and the number of fans increased. In all this boom, there are some esports that stood out from the rest and one whose audience numbers are surprising. According Esports Charts ,the five most viewed through broadcasts were League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Overwatch and Arena of Valors , in that order.

The Arena of Valo r is the only cell phone that appears at the top and shows how much this type of video game is growing. It is a MOBA genre title (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) very similar to League of Legends. There are two teams of five players each, the map is almost identical, and the goal is the same: fight your way through the three lanes to destroy the enemy base.It was viewed for more than 72 million hours throughout 2019, being the Arena of Valor World Cup being the most popular event, because its finale had more than 760,000 viewers simultaneously.


In fourth place is the Overwatch. Es un shooter con modalidad de un MOBA que fue furor en su lanzamiento, sin embargo no se desarrolló tan exitosamente como se esperaba. Durante el 2019 volvió a decepcionar en cuanto al número de espectadores, sin embargo It was enough for him to find himself in the top with more than 81 million hours seen. El mayor tráfico de gente se dio de la mano de la Overwatch League, el certamen de franquicias que organiza Blizzard. También se vio beneficiado por los torneos de Contenders y por el Mundial que se llevó a cabo en la Blizzcon, y que tuvo a Estados Unidos como gran campeón.


Last on the podium is Dota 2 , with 282 million hours. The Valve game did not have its best year and was far from the first place despite the fact that The International , the Video Game World Cup, is the contest that distributed more money in the history of esports: 34 million dollars. That tournament represented 31% of the total audience, and its peak was in the final between OG Esports and Team Liquid , with almost two million spectators simultaneously.

OG became champion in the last two editions - DotaTI

OG became champion in the last two editions – DotaTI 

The silver medal goes to the Counter Strike: Global Offensive ,more than 284 million hours watched.The shooter gained ground due to the large number of contests of different caliber that it has throughout the season. Similarly, the highest peak occurred in one of the two Majors that were contested: in the final of the IEM Katowice between Astralis andENCE, con más de un 1,2 millones de espectadores. CS is still among the best, but it was far from the top.


The top prize is for the League of Legends, que reafirma su título como el deporte electrónico rey. Watching hours total a whopping 478 million.These are divided into all their official leagues, such as the North American LCS , Europe LEC , China LP L and Korea LCK , which are the most popular. A large portion of the cake was taken by the World Cup, where the highest peak was recorded. It was during the semifinal between G2 and T1 , with almost four million viewers live.It was a record in the history of esports.

The duel between G2 and T1 was the most watched in esports history.

The duel between G2 and T1 was the most watched in esports history.infobae-image


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