The Fall Guys phenomenon has spread to games like Fortnite or Minecraft thanks to levels created by fans

In just over a month Fall Guys has managed to become one of the most popular and played games of the year and probably also of the current generation. Users’ fondness for the Mediatonic title has encouraged more than one to design skins for characters based on other video games and now they have wanted to create levels in other titles .

Thus, there have been those who have wanted to take some of the Fall Guys tests to other games that have their own level editor, such as Minecraft , Fortnite or Trials Rising .

This has left us with a splendid representation of some of the most popular minigames from Fall Guys. For example, in the case of Ubisoft’s motorcycle game we have a level inspired by the Vertigo and La Pirindola phases, with very similar obstacles .

In the case of the user who has wanted to use Minecraft for the same, we can see another magnificent work in which he has put together several tests in one , such as On Tiptoe or Slam, among others.

But without a doubt the one that has worked the most has been the FlySmooth channel by using the Creative mode of Fornite to leave us with a complete circuit that perfectly represents the Lava Escalator, The Doors of Success and Hexagony levels. Also, attach the code in case you want to try it yourself together with your friends: 3958-4575-1075.


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