The Essence Emporium returns to the League of Legends client for a limited time

Riot Games released the update notes for League of Legends patch 10.9 that will take place this Wednesday, and in it the Summoners will find a great surprise: the return of the Essence Emporium , to put that Blue Essence saved with suspicious for moments like this.

The Essence Emporium will be available in the League of Legends client for a limited time, starting on April 30 and ending on May 13. As usual, you can use the Blue Essence to get icons, chromas and even skins without having to spend or buy RP.

In addition, in the new version of the Essence Emporium, Riot announced that they will be releasing improvements for the Mystery Field Icon Boxes. In the description of the object you can see the complete list of icons that can be acquired from the box and when you buy it, it will now appear in the Hextech Crafting tab.

Also, when you receive an icon that you already own, you can disenchant it in exchange for a full refund of the cost of Blue Essence.

You can see all the League of Legends 10.9 patch notes at this link .

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