The 2020 edition of the League of Legends World Cup has already started in Shanghai, China

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The world’s most popular video game World Cup, League of Legends, began yesterday in Shanghai, China, in what will be a month of competition at the highest level. The best teams on the planet will face millions of spectators until October 31, the day of the grand final. Riot Games, developer and organizer of the event, indicated that there are currently more than 100 million players on its servers.

Last year, the League of Legends World Cup offered a prize pool of approximately $ 6.5 million. The Chinese team Fun Plus Phoenix, winner over the European G2 E-sports, received about US $ 835,000 as champion.

With brands like Mercedes-Benz, Spotify, among others, on the scene for this year, the event promises not only to attract more audiences, but to bring even more revenue to those who advertise in the world of esports.

“We at Mercedes-Benz decided to partner with Riot Games because we strongly believe in the impact of e-sports,” said Bettina Fetzer, vice president of marketing at Mercedes-Benz AG.
” League of Legends is one of the most popular games in recent years.

By collaborating with Riot Games globally, we want to play an even more active role than before in building the future of esports. Also, we want to inspire fans with enthusiasm for our brand in a friendly dialogue, ” said Riot.

Durante el transcurso de la asociación, la marca automotriz de lujo también creará contenido de marca, proporcionará transporte a equipos profesionales en eventos importantes, y participará en una amplia variedad de actividades globales que comenzarán con el Campeonato Mundial 2020, el evento de e-sports más prestigioso del mundo que celebra su décimo aniversario este año.

Para Martín Blaquier, e-sports manager de Riot Games para Latinoamérica, estas alianzas “son solo el comienzo” del crecimiento masivo que han tenido eventos como el mundial de League of Legends, en el que participa un único equipo latino: Rainbow7.

“The presence of Latin American teams in the World Cup is an excellent opportunity for brands in the Region to understand the importance and growth of e-sports such as League of Legends. With more and more alliances, a path has been forged not only for players but also for those interested in the commercial part, “said Blaquier, who predicted” a bright future “for this type of event.


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