Telefónica advances in games and teams up with Epic Games, creator of Fortnite | Companies

Telefónica is once again moving in the world of video games, within its growth strategy in new businesses. Thus, the operator has announced an agreement with Epic Games, developer of Fortnite, which will allow Movistar customers in Spain to charge their purchases of digital content from the US company directly to their mobile bill.

In a statement, the teleco indicates that the Movistar Online Payments system is easy, comfortable and secure, and it does not require any login or sharing of personal information or providing bank details to complete the process. “This service is free, at no additional cost, paying only for the content they obtain,” explains Telefónica.

The agreement between the two companies makes Telefónica the first operator in the world to launch this service with the US company. The alliance will allow additional marketing activations and the generation of shared content.

The operator points out that, in a first phase, this service will only be available to Movistar clients in Spain, while both companies are working to launch it in other countries in Europe and Latin America where the telecom has operations.


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