Tanks, the main problem with changes to objects

The changes to items in the new season of League of Legends are being a real headache for many. In this Reddit thread they have talked about this issue, and the truth is that they are not lacking in reason.

Minipoint for the magicians, negative hoot for the tanks

Changing the CDR for the speed of skills has been a success, and is that now the magicians have a little more variety in their builds. This change has also inadvertently made an adjustment when it comes to mana, although it doesn’t appear to be entirely intended.

However, it was the only “real” success , and that is that the four points that Riot wanted to achieve with the changes to the objects for the tanks have NOT worked. The developer wanted the tanks to have more options to adapt to the team, add more magic resistance options, make tanks more useful, and offer them “final” build items .

These four points have not been fulfilled, and it is that as a user comments in the thread “the support tanks do not have enough variety of objects to have a build option”. The summary that many make is that the game has more damage but less variety.

If something is clear to us, it is that Riot wanted to avoid precisely this. The most voted comment says that “I make the same objects in each game”. Of course, if we talk about tanks, it doesn’t seem like there is much variety, and in the end it always ends up doing the same thing: Sunfire Cloak -> Thorn Mail -> Abyssal Mask / Randuin / Gargoyle.

Riot wanted to prevent the Sunfire Cloak from being the only viable option for tanks . But the reality is that, like it more or less, it is the most viable mythical tank item by far.


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