Suning sells his place to Weibo

According to a Weibo user , Suning would have sold his place in the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) to Weibo itself. The changes would not affect the sports field as they would be more strictly linked to the brand.

Goodbye to Suning

Weibo will arrive at the LPL after purchasing the Suning Plaza. According to the source of the Chinese social network, the company will not make changes to the players or the coaching staff, so it would hardly affect the League of Legends roster as such. However, at the brand level it would be totally different. At the moment Weibo would change the name of the team .

At the moment it is unknown if the sale is caused by economic problems, especially with the coronavirus pandemic. However, the founder of Suning last December sold his shareholder rights to Taobao , a business portal.

A new beginning

Suning vivió un 2020 de ensueño. El equipo pasó de quedar decimoprimero en el Spring Split de la LPL a ser el tercero en verano, algo que le dio el primer pase a Worlds de toda su historia. En los Campeonatos Mundiales fue la gran sorpresa del torneo ya que llegó a la final tras eliminar a JD Gaming y Top Esports en la fase eliminatoria. Finalmente, perdió por 3-1 contra DAMWON Gaming. Esto provocó que fuera la organización más galardonada en los premios anuales del League of Legends chino. Además, Lê Quang Duy «SofM» fue proclamado como el mejor jugador de la LPL de todo 2020.

Regardless of who is the new owner of the square, Suning will debut in the Spring Split of the LPL 2021 next Saturday, January 9 at 10:00 against Top Esports . Their second game will be on Thursday, January 14 at 12:00 against Royal Never Give Up .


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