Spotify keeps all League of Legends audio

The application Spotify and developer Riot Games announced an unprecedented partnership that makes service streaming music exclusive partner of all audio content of global events League of Legends , the popular video game eSports better known by its acronym: LOL.

The partnership will also give fans of the online battle arena ( MOBA ) multiplayer video game access to original podcasts, curated playlists, among other features, Spotify said.

League of Legends is considered one of the largest electronic competitions in the world. In 2019, tournaments were held in more than 30 cities and the 2019 World Championship final reached a record audience of 21.8 million viewers.

According to figures from Spotify, the official soundtrack of League of Legends accumulates more than 4.8 million monthly listeners.

Unpublished stories

Spotify and Riot Games are planning to release several League of Legends podcasts . The first will be Untold Stories: Top Moments from Worlds , a nine-episode series leading up to the 10th Fall (Boreal) 2020 World Championships. Users will also have the ability to listen to highlights, interviews, sound effects, among other content.

Users will also be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at Worlds Anthem , the song that Riot Games releases annually before the start of their tournament. In previous years, Riot Games has worked with artists such as Imagine Dragons, The Glitch Mob, and Against the Current.

In addition, two playlists, including the existing “This is League of Legends”, will be updated regularly.

“Music and audio are an intrinsic part of our sport and game, so we are delighted to partner with Spotify to provide our fans with another platform where they can experience the ultimate manifestation of League of Legends, ” said Naz Aletaha. , head of global esports associations at Riot Games.

Meanwhile, June Sauvaget, Spotify’s global director of product and consumer marketing, said that “we plan to create a world-class audio streaming experience for our users, making discovering both music and podcasts easier than ever.” .

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