ShowMaker on his MVP: “I thought Canyon would take it.”

Source: Inven Global

Written by: David «Viion» Jang

DAMWON Gaming defeated Nongshim RedForce 3-0 in the 2020 KeSPA Cup Ulsan finals , showing how they were able to win the World Cup. After the finals, Heo “ ShowMaker ” Su was MVP of the series. When giving the interview, he has appeared with sunglasses.

-Congratulations on winning the title and the MVP.

ShowMaker: Thank you.

-You have taken the MVP of the series. Do you think you played that well?

ShowMaker: The truth is that I haven’t done much. I was surprised to take it because I thought Canyon would take it.

-You have mastered the line and entered the rival jungle several times. Did you plan it?

ShowMaker: It’s not so much a planned strategy, it’s that I like to push the line and annoy the rival jungle. It was great.

-Many fans have seen the series. Something to tell them?

ShowMaker: (takes off his glasses) Thank you all for cheering us on. I will prepare and work hard for the spring season to achieve good results. Thank you.

-How many pairs of those sunglasses do you have in the team house ?

ShowMaker: We only have a couple and we take turns. Surely, we end up asking for more (laugh).

-Resolutions for the Spring Split?

ShowMaker: As normal, DWG has not done very well in spring. This time we will do well to break the curse.

-Are you sure?

ShowMaker: Yes. Cheer up, DWG!


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