Shad0w, the young Italian talent of League of Legends

After the advent of Jiizuké , Italy saw a wave of interest in the competitive world of League of Legends. This has led to the birth of new talents who have been able to trace the footprints of the young Daniele Di Mauro. One of these is Zhiqiang Zhao , akaShad0w ”, currently a jungler for the MAD Lions team .

Zhiqiang is one of the youngest and most promising players on the European scene. Born in Milan, from a family of Chinese origins, Shad0w grows up in a very supportive environment, which immediately spurs him to a competitive career. He started playing at a very young age, at the age of 12, and in a short time he conquered the top of the European ranking of the best players. 

He began his competitive career in 2016, aboard the Element Team One , with whom he achieved excellent results on the Italian scene. He is noticed by the Outplayed , in which he finds his longest-lived compatitive parenthesis at national level. Here, he is selected by the European Talent Scouts who encourage him to move towards the international competition. 

Participate in the European Masters in Team Atlantis and then later in Mousesports . His mechanical skills and the high predisposition to collaboration, lead Shad0w to become one of the most promising European talents. Hence his career soars.

Approda nei MAD Lions, il team attualmente più prestigioso del panorama della franchigia europea dell’LEC. All’interno di questa squadra, Shad0w ricalca un po’ le orme di Jiizuké, dando un nuovo impulso al gruppo. Qui, si ricongiunge con Orome, vecchio compagno degli Outplayed, e insieme riescono a trovare risultati strabilianti.

Lightning reflexes, creativity and an engaging smile make Shad0w one of the most popular players in LEC. Together with his MAD Lions he even managed to snatch a victory from the G2 team in a best of 5 series, an event that happened only once, during the 2019 World Cup Finals against FunPlus Phoenix . During the second half of the regular season, the Spanish team keeps the top of the table steady, holding high hopes of representing Europe at the 2020 World Cup. 


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