Rumors: Perkz wouldn’t play at G2 Esports in 2021

The end of the season is upon us and I get all the rumors of transfers for the next competitive season of League of Legends . Among them, we just heard a rumor that Luka ” Perkz ” Perković might not continue at G2 Esports next year .

Perkz may not continue in G2 Esports

The rumor comes from LEC Wooloo which makes it clear that the Croatian player would not continue to wear the samurai shirt according to several of his sources.

The main reason would be that Perkz would want to play the map’s center lane again .

According to Wooloo, the team has been considering both Perkz and Rasmus ” Caps ” Borregaard Winther to fill this position, but according to sources, the Croatian has decided to leave the team.

At the same time, these sources emphasize that the player has a contract with the Ocelote team until November 2022 . This would make it possible for the player to play outside of Europe as a loan or for a team to have to shell out a large financial sum to acquire the player.

However, it is also indicated that at the moment no team has manifested to acquire the player for its roster.

It should be remembered that Perkz has been one of the visible faces of G2 Esports since the organization had the name of Gamers2 in 2015.

With the samurai as a whole, he has had a great competitive career reaching the final of the Worlds 2019 and managing to raise the MSI trophy. Also counting on the 8 times that he has been proclaimed champion of the LEC.

Be that as it may, at the moment neither the team nor the player himself has commented on the rumors . That is why we will have to wait to know what the player’s destiny will finally be and if we will see him with another shirt for next season.


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