Riot Games confirms an MMO based on the League of Legends universe

Riot Games is working on a massively multiplayer online video game based on the League of Legends universe . Greg Street , Vice President of Intellectual Property and the Entertainment area of ​​the company, has confirmed through the social network Twitter that his work in recent times has been the development of this new and ambitious project, an MMO based on the context of the cosmos that surrounds the phenomenon with more than ten years behind it.

“Now is the time,” he comments in the message, published at dawn this Friday. “My new job is to kick off a great (some would say ‘massive’) game that many of you, many Rioters , have been asking us to believe,” he adds, and warns that the department in charge of game development is looking for staff. No details have been released about its release date or game platforms.

La repercusión de la noticia no se ha hecho de rogar. En tan solo unas horas acumula más de 27.400 “me gusta” y evidencia que el futuro de League of Legends pasa no solo por el propio videojuego de ordenador y su nueva vertiente para dispositivos móviles, League of Legends: Wild Rift, sino también por otras obras que se vean capaces de explorar otros géneros y, en consecuencia, que la marca League of Legends crezca.

Los otros proyectos de Riot Games para 2021

En mensajes consecutivos ha confirmado que es un MMO, con esas palabras, por si algún usuario podía tener alguna duda. Pero esto no es todo: cabe recordar que será en 2021 cuando se lancen Ruined King: A League of Legends Story (RPG de Airship Syndicate) y Convergence: A League of Legends Story (título de plataformas y acción para un solo jugador con gran componente narrativo de Double Stallion), ambos también ambientados en el universo de League of Legends.

You can read here our interview with Greg Street on the occasion of Fun & Serious 2019, a meeting where he told us the keys why people continue to play League of Legends today, a decade later. “The secret formula? [laughs] I think understanding what it is that satisfies players and making when you hit the Q key you use an ability that feels very, very satisfying; with a good animation, a good sound and is just what you could hope so that you continue playing a minute more. And so on continuously ”, he reflected.

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