The launch offer dedicated to the stand-alone edition of Red Dead Online – the independent version of the single-player campaign – is about to end. You have until February 15 to buy it for only 4.99 euros , after which the price will go to 19.99 euros.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the incredible success of this edition of the game, Rockstar Games has decided to offer a special tribute to all those who connected to the servers in the period between December 1st and February 15th, both in the stand-alone version of Red Dead Online, either via a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2. These players will receive a special package with rewards, offers and more:

  • Reward for a horse of rank under 40 for free
  • Reward for a free stable box
  • Reward for 5,000 Club XP
  • Rewards for 2 free Skill Cards
  • Fast ammunition for all firearms
  • Reward for a free overcoat
  • Reward for a free hat up to rank 15
  • Reward for a free shirt up to rank 15
  • Reward for a free fast travel coupon
  • Revitalizing for horses
  • Assortment of tonics and other consumable items

The giveaways in question will be delivered within 72 hours of accessing Red Dead Online . Offers and rewards can be redeemed via the in-game Perks menu or in the Offers and Rewards section of the Wheeler, Rawson & Co online catalog. Additional Special Pack items will be available in the Camp Lockbox or in any post office.

The independent version of Red Dead Online , remember, is available on PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Rockstar Games Launcher, Epic Games Store and Steam.

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