Record eSports audience: Lol World Cups exceed 1 billion viewers in one week

Record eSports audience: Lol World Cups exceed 1 billion viewers in one week

Esports continue to break records. The League of Legends (Lol) World Cup Finals have broken a viewer record in the first week. After only five games played, it has already reached 1.17 million viewers, according to eSports Charts.

The average of the matches in the first round was 714,000 spectators per match, registering a peak in the match between Team Liquid and Mad Lions,  which is 35% more than in the last edition of the tournament.

Since its founding in 2011, the Lol World Championship, the official name of the World Cup final, has established itself as the eSports event with the most views. 

The last edition reached 137 million viewing hours , which represented an increase of 66% compared to the 2018 edition. In addition, 2019 also saw the most important peak of viewers, with 3.9 million views in direct to the semifinals (94% more than in 2018).

The Lol World Cup finals are held in China in a tournament that began on September 25 and will culminate in the grand final on October 31.


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