Having recently released the numbers for the last quarter of its fiscal year, Sony confirmed its extremely positive trend supported by record sales of the PlayStation 5 , net of the problems related to supplies and the fact that the console is sold at a loss. .

The Japanese giant confirmed in its financial report that it has cashed in more than expected from its estimates , and that it will reuse the “excess” money to make new investments in the entertainment industry .

Starting next fiscal year (starting April 2021), Sony intends to ” use the excess operating cash flow from the current fiscal year as a source of strategic investments for the future . Investment opportunities, especially in the space of entertainment, are steadily increasing and during the period of our next medium-term plan, which begins in the new fiscal year, we aim to make more investments for growth than we did under the current plan . 

It goes without saying how the gaming sector , especially with the arrival of PlayStation 5, is becoming more and more a source of income and success for the Japanese company. It is therefore reasonable to think that part of these additional funds can be invested to support the next-gen platform even more, perhaps through the acquisition of new development studios that can join the PlayStation Studios family , which already include first-class software houses. level like Naughty Dog, Insomniac and Santa Monica.

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