Pokémon and League of Legends, together on your iPhone and Android with Pokémon Unite

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The fans were expecting a major Pokémon related announcement today; but what has been found is with the characters of the saga in a MOBA-type game, such as League of Legends or DOTA 2.

Pokémon Unite is the latest title in the saga, which this time will be available on mobile devices as well as on the Nintendo console, Switch; And if one thing is clear, it is that he wants to attract players who are enthusiastic about esports.

A mere glance at the trailer is enough to realize that this is a game that will cause divisions; and judging by the reactions of the presentation on Youtube, it does not seem that it has sat well among the fans of Pokémon.

Pokémon Unite, sports with Pokémon

In Pokémon Unite the game takes place in ‘arenas’ in which two teams of up to five players will face each other in real time. It’s a mix of strategy and action game, and if it sounds familiar to you, it’s because you’ve ever played or watched a League of Legends game .

The Pokémon Unite interface is adapted to touch screens

The Pokémon Unite interface is adapted to touch screens

The Pokémon Company

From the gameplay to the graphics themselves, there’s no doubt where the inspiration came from. But instead of choosing a hero as the main character, at the beginning of the game we have to choose a pokémon that will have its own abilities that we can obtain as we kill enemies.

Mobile games are still ‘something else’

Tal vez no es una sorpresa que Nintendo no esté detrás de este juego. Aunque es fácil equivocarse, en realidad Pokémon no pertenece sólo a la gran N, sino a The Pokémon Company, una asociación encargada del marketing y desarrollo de nuevas propiedades relacionadas con la saga.

The Pokémon Company se ha asociado con Tencent, el gigante tecnológico chino, para desarrollar un juego que parece claramente dirigido a su mercado nacional; League of Legends sigue siendo uno de los títulos más populares en China, así que no es de extrañar que haya sido la base de Pokémon Unite. Tencent es famosa por adaptar licencias muy populares en occidente a los gustos chinos.

This announcement therefore raises many doubts about the future of mobile games. Nintendo’s experiment of offering original games and not versions is not succeeding, perhaps because what people expect when they see its name are the same old games.




Introducing Pokémon Unite

As a result, games like Pokémon Unite arrive, aimed at a very specific audience and that have little or nothing to do with the original titles. If despite that, it will attract players from the rest of the world, is a mystery.




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