Patch 10.25 of LOL: details of the interventions to the Samples / Objects available

Special Samples / Items – Once again Mark RiotScruffy Yetter has provided the community of League of Legends of the precious details regarding the upcoming patch 10:25, whose arrival is scheduled for December 9.

Thanks to the new post of the dev we therefore discover that, citing some examples related to nerfed objects, the Sunfire Aegis goes to have a life of 350 from that of the original 450, while the AP of the Seekers Armguard goes from 30 to 20 with the update next week.

As for the objects that will receive a substantial improvement to their characteristics, we see for example the decrease in the cost of Mortal Reminder , Rapid Firecannon , Imperial Mandate and others, or the increase in AD that has instead characterized the Essence Reaver and various other objects.

The details of 10.25 – Samples / Objects

Observing the interventions chosen for the champions, RiotScruffy anticipated both the nerfs expected for Kayle , Kayn , Fizz and company, and the buffs that will instead hit Talon , Warwick and all the other champions on the list, including Anivia and Pantheon of which, however, we still do not know all the specific details (on the post there is in fact written a provisional “we will talk about it in the future”) …
Here are the various details on the samples:

What do you think of these first details?
The discussion, as always, is absolutely open!

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