One of the latest Fortnite locations could receive a radical change according to this leak

One of the latest locations added to Fortnite, the Colossal Colosseum, could receive a radical change in the future, according to a leak.

Whenever a new season begins in Fortnite , the map receives some change. In the fifth season , which began just over a month ago, new locations were added such as the Furtive Fiefdom, the Salt Towers, the Hunter’s House and the Colossal Coliseum.

Precisely this last construction, one of the most original currently on the Fortnite map, could receive a big change in the future. Dataminer Mang0e has found a variant of the Colosseum in the 15.10 update files , which has not yet been used in the game.

El interior del coliseo ya cambia en cada partida, pero nunca como esto. La arena de combate queda completamente inundada de agua, con varias plataformas de madera y dos grandes barcos en el centro.

Esta variante cambiaría por completo la forma de combatir en el Coliseo, y daría lugar a batallas que emularían las celebradas antiguamente en el Coliseo Romano, pues se tiene constancia de que se inundaban para celebrar batallas navales en su interior.


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Will we see this change in the current season 5, or will it be reserved for season 6? Season 5 is expected to last until mid-March, although the game is constantly receiving changes, such as the latest Marvel skins for Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Taskmaster. Fortnite has also received this season 5 update for PS5 and Xbox Series X, with mode at 120 fps .

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