Nexus Blitz returns to League of Legends two years later

Two years ago, the players of League of Legends enjoyed Nexus Blitz , 5 vs 5 mode set in Ionia. Now, Skin Spotlights has discovered an updated map in this way , which has no date of arrival on the official Riot game server yet.

A Riot employee confirms that the leak is real: we will have a new Nexus Blitz

Twitter user Ziwei works as an environment artist at Riot Games, and confirmed that the Skin Spotlights leak is real .

Apparently, it has been working in this mode since the launch of TFT . What you see in the image above are not the final files, and their appearance could change before their arrival on the official servers.

Para quienes no conozcáis este modo, se trata de un modo de juego con dos carriles y una extensa jungla, en la que las emboscadas y las trampas ocurrían por doquier. Cuenta con eventos únicos en el mapa que van ocurriendo conforme avanza la partida (por ejemplo, batallas en un anillo de fuego que se va cerrando).

Además del mapa, también se han filtrado algunos assets de este modo de juego, entre los que se incluyen las torres y los inhibidores, que tendrán motivos inspirados en la región de Jonia.

At the moment, and as we have commented before, there is no official release date. The first Nexus Blitz was released in the summer (July 7 on PBE, to be more exact), and this year may also arrive around those dates.


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