Movistar Riders completes its League of Legends team

Movistar Riders has finished the presentation of its League of Legends squad with the announcement of the last two players that will be part of it in a split in which they will seek to revalidate the Orange Super League title won last summer: Turkish Serkan ‘xKenzuke ‘Atilgan and the Spanish Michael’ Rayito ‘Curtet.

xKenzuke is a Turkish-German player who arrives from the Turkish TCL to occupy the center lane of the riders . He already had a brief stint in Spain in the 2018 Iberian Cup with Dragons and for the last year and a half he has been competing in the Turkish elite, reaching the semi-finals of the competition in the summer split after a brilliant regular phase.

Rayito, for his part, is a Spanish player who has been in the Super League Orange for two consecutive years . This past season he has been competing in Team Queso and they made the playoffs in both splits , falling in both spring and summer in the first round.

These two players will join the other three signings, between which there are significant differences. On the one hand, the British Nubar ‘Maxlore’ Sarafian and Raymond ‘Kasing’ Tsang will contribute their seniority after long careers in the elite, while for the upper lane they have wanted to trust Pedro ‘Marky’ Serrano , a rather unknown name for the bulk of league fans.

Marky, de solo 18 años, es un toplaner que se inició en el competitivo en 2019, uniéndose al filial de Movistar Riders al mismo tiempo que Javier ‘Elyoya’ Prades. Este año ha brillado especialmente en ese filial, con el que ganó el primer split de la Liga Nexo y terminó segundo tanto en el segundo split como en el Circuito Tormenta, cayendo en ambas ocasiones por 2-3 en la final ante Origen StormBringers.

With the addition of Marky, the riders continue with their commitment to their subsidiary, which gave them such a good result last season with Elyoya , a player who in his first year won the award for best rookie in spring and MVP of the regular phase and of the final in the Superliga Orange and that he will play next season with MAD Lions in the LEC.

We continue with the same development project, now with five players really hungry for their first win . Also, I think it is very positive to have this mix of veterans and rookies that will help us improve in a faster way,” said Josh ‘Jarge’ Smith, Team Director of League of Legends.


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