In recent months, a class-action action has been filed against Microsoft due to the drifting problems of the Xbox controller analogs detected by several players.

While waiting to be able to resolve the legal dispute, Microsoft had extended the warranty of the Xbox Elite Controller 2 from 90 days to one year, since many had complained of having to pay for repairs due to the drifting of the analog sticks, a “known Microsoft failure” according to the accusers. Today comes a new twist in the story: the Washington State jury accepted the request by the Redmond giant to resolve the issue with the arbitration method . In this way, the final verdict will not be issued in a courtroom after a normal judicial process, but will be entrusted, in fact, to one or more external and impartial arbitrators.

Microsoft’s original request dates back to about a month ago, and was welcomed because, by the time they start using the controller and Xbox Live, each of the plaintiffs is tied to the US company ‘s service contract , which provides for the appeal. to arbitration in the event of legal disputes of this kind. For this reason, the judge found that the players have “repeatedly accepted” (albeit, probably, in a way that is not fully aware) the possible start of the procedure.

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