Mexican League of Legends League live, Matchday 10

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La División de Honor Telce l, Mexican League of Legends League that he will experience incredible duels between his 8 teams, in search of valuable points that will ensure a place in the playoffs for the final phase of the regular season.

In today’s matchup, Summoner’s Rift will experience a leaders’ clash when Cream Real Betis and Team Aze meet . Cream and a brand new addition to their ranks that seems to be paying off will seek to be the one to stop the undefeated “ace” hungry for his second consecutive final.

Now it is the turn of Arctic Gaming México to defend its place in the playoffs against an Infinity Academy university squad that wants to recover from the defeat the previous day so as not to separate from qualifying positions.

After accumulating his third consecutive victory, the Zwan Gaming swan wants to show that he flies high and that he may well be one of the candidates to advance to the next stage. To do this, he must demonstrate his ability against nothing more and nothing less than Estral Esports, the two-time Mexican champion, who is looking for one more point on his way to the leadership.

For their part, Chivas esports and Estorm, two of the low table teams, will experience an important confrontation in the fight not to descend. This being the opportunity that both need to get the point that puts them on the road to success.

Will Team Aze be able to claim its 10th win in a row? Will Chivas or Estorm get an important point? Will Zwan Gaming be able to shorten the lead with the leaders by defeating Estral Esports?

Follow all the details of Day 10 of the Telcel Honor Division, the Mexican League of Legends league on the Twitter account dedicated to League of Legends @LVPmexLoL, as well as on the other LVP México networks: Twitter @LVPmex, FacebooK LVPMexico , Youtube LVPmex, Instagram LVPmex and TikTok @LVPmex.


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