LOL World Cup: Rainbow7’s Argentines fell short of reaching the group zone

Rainbow7 , the Latin American champion team of Argentines Brandon “Josedodo” Villegas, Emmanuel “Acce” Juárez and Facundo “Shadow” Cuello fell in the qualifying semifinals for the group stage of the Worlds 2020, the League Of Legends World Cup .

One step away from glory, the team (with a Mexican flag but made up of three Argentines, a Mexican and a Chilean) put up a fight, but did not achieve the goal: to reach the group stage of the World Cup.

The Worlds 2020, the World League of Legends is one of the most important tournaments in esports of the planet. Disputed in person in Shanghai despite the pandemic and with the “bubble” format similar to the NBA, it mobilizes the entire planet of electronic sports with record audiences.

There he had achieved the Rainbow7 classification, since the Latin American champion achieved a place in the Play-ins, the initial preliminary and leveling instance of the Cup. Two groups of 5 teams with members from the emerging regions and the relegated places from China, Europe and North America are looking for a place to reach the group stage, where the best teams on the planet await. To reach the groups for the first time for a Latin team, Rainbow7 would have to either win in their previous zone or finish in the top 4, win semis and finals of these Play-in.

Con una performance sorprendente, Rainbow7 terminó tercero en su zona (con dos derrotas y dos triunfos) y tuvo que enfrentarse en semifinales ante los chinos de LGD Gaming, quienes pusieron freno al sueño latinoamericano con un aplastante 3 a 0 al mejor de cinco. En el partido por el grupo Rainbow7 había ganado este cruce, pero en la definición eliminatoria los chinos estudiaron mejor a su rival y fueron altamente superiores.

El argentino “Josedodo”, a pesar de la derrota, fue una de las figuras de esta primera etapa del Worlds y su actuación repercutió en el mundo de LOL, tal es así que equipos como Fnatic dedicaron posteos en sus redes al equipo latino.

“With having already won the final of the LLA we were very good. But when we came here we felt that we improved a lot. The team that touched us in this series was one of the most difficult in the group and I think it was noticeable that in Play- In. LGD is much more than most teams. In general I am very satisfied with what we did and I feel that we were able to stand up to the Chinese from LGD, who are one of the favorites to win the tournament, “commented Josedeodo.

The annual League of Legends World Cup will begin with its group stage during the month of October and can be followed through the official Riot Games and League of Legends networks.


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