LoL prediction: Vici Gaming – Suning (Demacia Cup)

On these very important dates, the first competitions begin in Asia. We are going specifically to the LPL and its ‘famous’ Demacia Cup . These are usually tournaments where new things from the patch are tested, teams make substitutions on their rosters, etc. Top EsportsJD GamingSuning , and  LGD Gaming  are classified directly to the final phase of the tournament for playing the world past. Let’s look for value in this LOL forecast between the teams at Vici Gaming and Suning .

For the Demacia Cup tournament, Suning arrives barely competing and without playing with his main roster. Although for this tournament they take the members of the starting team with some substitutes, they arrive without competition rhythm and without playing together from the World Cup beyond their training. With the changes that League of Legends has undergone and without playing any competitive games together since this process. His victory seems difficult to me despite the fact that there may be a difference in level by rosters.

Clash between Vici Gaming and Suning Gaming in the 2020 Demacia Cup.
Very interesting match between Vici Gaming and Suning Gaming. Demacia Cup 2020.

Por su parte Vici Gaming jugará con su roster para este año y con el cual ha competido en la NEST 2020. Además, el equipo de Vici Gaming ha sido campeón de esta competición sin ceder ningún mapa en la fase final del torneo. En su camino, ganaron al equipo suplente de Suning por 2-0 en su eliminatoria. El ritmo de competición y el tiempo que llevan preparando estos torneos sus integrantes, les da una ventaja en este partido que debemos aprovechar.

Pronóstico y horarios

Por lo tanto, y con las cuotas a nuestro favor, vamos a probar con un par de pronósticos para este partido.

Por una parte, vamos a buscar la victoria simple de Vici Gaming con un stake 2 a cuota 2.37. Además, aprovechando el valor que nos marcan las cuotas y la posible buena entrada a la eliminatoria de Vici Gaming vamos a buscar con stake 1 el Hándicap -1,5 mapas que se sitúa a cuota 3.75, ya que si Suning comienza perdiendo, no es una competición donde vayan a buscar su máximo nivel por sacar adelante la eliminatoria.

You can follow the Demacia Cup on Twitch on the TheScore esports channel . And specifically this LoL forecast between Vici Gaming and Suning on Thursday, December 24 at approximately 11:30 a.m.


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