LoL All Star 2020: how to watch online; dates, times, matches, players and more

The League of Legends All Star 2020 event was born to honor the most important players and streamers of this sport, a way to compete in a friendly way worldwide, so Riot Games has thought about including as much interregional competition as possible . Due to the coronavirus health crisis , there will not be any kind of face-to-face event, so that the different players will play their games from the comfort of their homes. Thus, they have divided the format in two:

On the one hand, the emerging promises (December 18) will offer confrontations between neighboring regions. The smallest will try to challenge the nearest power. The teams will be made up of the best professional players, always in accordance with the votes of the fans. On the other, in the Superstars Duel (December 19 and 20) several different teams will fight.

All Star LoL 2020

How to watch the Lol All Star 2020

En los tiempos actuales, los esports se pueden seguir en tiempo real, en compañía de los mejores comentaristas y con toda la emoción a flor de piel. En este caso, los esperados LoL All Star 2020 están disponibles en la cuenta oficial de Twitch de Riot Games. No te pierdas ninguno de los partidos y sigue en directo las distintas emisiones de streaming.

Todos los jugadores y participantes del LoL All Stars 2020



  • Bwipo
  • Selfmade
  • Humanoid
  • Hans Sama
  • Hylissang


  • Vizicsacsi
  • Amazing
  • Exileh
  • Samux
  • Mithy

Reyes de la cola:

  • SivHD
  • Overpow
  • Noway
  • Corobizar
  • Elwind



  • Canna
  • Canyon
  • Faker
  • Deft
  • BeryL


  • MaRin
  • Ambition
  • PawN
  • PraY
  • Mata

Reyes de la cola:

  • Hojin
  • Jisu
  • so_urf
  • Narakyle
  • Jelly



  • Broxah
  • Jensen
  • Tactical
  • CoreJJ


Por determinar.

Reyes de la cola:

Por determinar



La votación local sigue en curso.


  • gogoing
  • mlxg
  • Misaya
  • Weixiao
  • pyl

Reyes de la cola:

En curso.



  • Boss
  • Ahahacik
  • Nomanz
  • Gadget
  • Santas


  • Evi
  • Blank
  • Ceros
  • Yutapon
  • Gaeng


  • Acce
  • Josedeodo
  • Aloned
  • Whitelotus
  • Shadow


  • Chippys
  • Babip
  • Tally
  • Raes
  • Cupcake


  • Armut
  • Robin
  • Blue
  • Zeitnot
  • Japone


  • Hanabi
  • Kongyue
  • Uniboy
  • Unified
  • Kaiwing


  • Zeros
  • Levi
  • Dia1
  • Slayder
  • Palette

Fechas, horarios y resultados

Viernes 18 de diciembre

  • PCS All-Stars 1-0 LCK All-Stars
  • LCK All-Stars 0-1 OPL All-Stars
  • LPL All-Stars 0-1 LJL All-Stars
  • VCS All Stars 1-0 LPL All-Stars
  • LEC All-Stars VS. TCL All-Stars (a las 19:00, hora peninsular española)
  • LCL-All-Stars VS. LEC All-Stars (a las 20:00, hora peninsular española)
  • LCS All-Stars VS. CBLOL All-Stars (a las 23:00, hora peninsular española)

Sábado 19 de diciembre

  • LLA All-Stars VS. LCS All-Stars (a las 00:00, hora peninsular española)
  • LCK Queue Kings VS. LPL Queue Kings (a las 5:00, hora peninsular española)
  • LPL Legends VS. LCK Legends (a las 7:00, hora peninsular española)
  • LCK All-Stars VS. LPL All-Stars (a las 9:00, hora peninsular española)

Sunday December 20

  • LEC Queue Kings VS. LCS Queue Kings (6:00 p.m. PST)
  • LCS Legends VS. LEC Legends (at 8:00 p.m. CET)
  • Bwipo Dream Team VS. CoreJJ Dream Team (a las 22:00, hora peninsular española)

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