LoL 11.1 patch notes: PBE, the first patch of the season

The patch 11.1 League of Legends will open the season and the end of several weeks of trial and error. If you want to see more changes, you can find them here . After a long wait, these are the changes. If you want to know more about TFT, you can enter here .

LoL 11.1 Patch Notes – January 5

Changes to objects:

In LoL patch 11.1 they will touch items that have marked the preseason such as the Muramana and will also improve the archangel.

Buffs to objects.

Serious Wounds: Debuff duration, from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.

Shurelia: Movement speed buff from 40% to 60%.

Staff of the Archangel: AP 60 to 65. Now builds with Amplifying Tome instead of Sapphire.

Serafín’s hug: AP 60 to 65.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: From 15 to 20 Skill Speed.

Adjustments to objects.

Runaan Hurricane: Cost from 3400 to 2500. AD 25 to 0. Passive from 40% -70% to 40 of attack damage. Now builds with Dagger instead of Pickaxe.

Muramana: It only works on physical abilities. Total cost from 2600 to 2900. Long Sword replaces Sapphire Crystal on the Build Path. Extra damage increased from 4% to 2.5% of mana. 2.5% of mana is converted to AD.

Champion Changes:

In LoL Malphite patch 11.1 , Ivern and Pantheon are some of the victims of the nerfs. As for good, there is an improvement to Ryze and another to Gnar, which could mark the goal.

Nerfs to champions.

Master Yi: Cooldown of Q from 18-14 to 18-16.

Fiddlestick: Cooldown of W from 9-7 to 10-8.

Pantheon: Regeneración de vida de 10-9. W potenciada escala de 135-165% a 120-165%.

Malphite: W, ratio de daño de 15% a 10%. E, ratio de daño de 40% a 30%.

Ivern: Q, enfriamiento de 12-8 a 14-10. E, ratio AP del escudo de 90% a 80%.

Graves: AD Base de 68 a 66.

Taliyah: Pasiva movimiento de 20-45% al 12-40%.

Buffs a campeones.

Ryze: Q, Coste de mána de 40  a 40-32.

Qiyana: Regeneración de vida 8,5 a 9. Regeneración de vida por nivel 0.65 a 0.9. AD base de 64 a 66.

Xayah: E, enfriamiento de 12 a 8. E, maná de 40 a 30.

Karma: E, escudo base de 80-200 a 80-240.

Gnar: Q, daño en Mega de 5-165 a 25-205. Q, ralentizar de la Q en Mega 15-35% a 30-50%. E, dash en Mega de 600 a 675 de rango. E, velocidad de movimiento en mini de 4 a 6 segundos de duración.

Sivir: Maná base de 284 a 325. Q, daño de 35-95 (+70-130% bonus AD) – 40 -100 (+75-135% bonus AD).

Varus: Q, mana cost 70-90 to 65 -86. Q, cooldown from 18-10 to 16-10.

Champion settings

Yasuo: Passive crit bonus 100% to 150%. Passive, AD conversation, from 1% critical = 0.5 AD, to 1% critical = 0.4 AD. AD per level from 3.2 to 2.2.

Yone: Passive crit bonus 100% to 150%. Passive, AD conversation, from 1% critical = 0.5 AD, to 1% critical = 0.4 AD. AD by level 3 to 2.


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