League of Legends Worlds 2020, guide to the eSports tournament

Today, September 25, 2020, the 2020 League of Legends World Championship officially began in Shanghai , one of the biggest shows in the entire esports landscape. 

The Worlds 2020 will last over a month and will see 22 teams from all over the world compete on the pitch instead of the originally planned 24. As The Verge reports , two qualified teams from Vietnam, due to coronavirus, could not reach Shanghai.   

The tournament will be divided into three different competitive phases: the preliminary play-in phase, the group stage and the single-elimination playoff phase. 

At the end of the tournament, the best eSports team in the world will be elected. Fans of the genre will be able to follow the event through the official YouTube and Twitch channels of League of Legends eSports. 

“Over the course of several weeks, we will experience memorable moments and the history of our eSport will be enriched with a new chapter with the crowning of a new World Champion. Please don’t miss a second of the action ”, announces the group in an official press release dedicated to the international event. 

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic 



Esports, boom with the lockdown: followed by 1.4 million Italians


Come quasi tutti gli eventi live nel mondo, inclusi gli eSport, causa coronavirus l’edizione 2020 di Worlds sarà diversa dal solito. L’evento, originariamente previsto per svolgersi in diverse città della Cina, si terrà solo ed esclusivamente a Shanghai per motivi logistici e di sicurezza. I primi round del torneo si svolgeranno allo Shanghai Media Tech Studio, mentre le finali si terranno allo stadio di Pudong.

Worlds 2020: le tre fasi competitive

As previously mentioned, the 2020 League of Legends World Championship will be divided into three different competitive phases: the  preliminary play-in phase, the group stage and the knockout playoff phase. The first, running until 30 September, will see 10 winning teams of the minor leagues (selected on the basis of the world ranking) compete in two groups of five. In the group stage, scheduled from 3 to 11 October, 16 teams will compete: twelve already qualified (including the winners of the four major leagues) and four from the  Play-In. The competition will be divided into four groups of four. The final phase, that of the playoffs, will be played from 15 to 31 October, with the first teams of each group facing the second in the quarterfinals.


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